WEST - patentleather69

Boston, Massachusetts

All breeches shown are custom made by Equissential
with deer skin full seat.  All jackets shown are Vanson.

The boots in the next two photos are custom crotch high
Der-Dau patent leather riding boots with Swan neck spurs.

2006 Kawasaki


The boots in the next two photos are custom Vogel 3-strap rear
entry boots with spurs.  West says "Whoever started adding
zippers to the back of riding boots should be rewarded!"


1959 MGA

Custom Vogel dressage boots and 1964 Triumph

Custom Konig thigh-high boots and 1985 BMW K100

Vogel extra high riding boots and 1955 BMW R25/3

Extra high patent leather Der-Dau boots and 1966 BMW R69S

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West is married and not available.

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