The BOOTS and SPURS of Spurmarks

aka "Jinglin' Jim"

Dallas, Texas

Jim has about 80 pairs of boots, and most are
either customs, exotics, or ones that have some
sort of memory attached to them.   He also has over
400 pairs of spurs.   The following pages show
many of the boots and spurs in his collection.

If you would like to contact Jim, you can email him at:

Sanders buckaroo boots, 12-D, that I found at
a flea market.   I think they're bullhide.  The
spurs are by Dennis Markle of Cochise, AZ.

Paul Bond customs - size 12/13D.
Dark brown shark feet and throat,
bone veal uppers, narrow squared
toe, 3-inch underslung heels.

Paul Bond 12/13D black shark feet and
collar, black calf uppers, 12 rows black
stitching, a black smooth ostrich wingtip
and heel counter - very subtle - detail
doesn't show unless you're up close.

Paul Bond smooth buttercup ostrich foot and
throat with tan veal uppers, 2 1/4-inch heels

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