Texas A&M Senior Aggie Boots

These are the cadets of Texas A&M University.  They join the corp as freshmen and in their senior year they get to wear their Senior Boots with breeches.  All cadets wear their uniforms to class and to all school functions.  Each squad has their own emblem, and these are shown on the t-shirts they are wearing.

The Texas A&M teams are known as The Aggies, hence the name Aggie Senior Boots.

The primary bootmaker of these boots is Hollick's on College Main in College Station, Texas.  Hollick's is a small family bootmaker that has been making the boots since 1891.  Because of the large number of cadets now at Texas A&M, Hollick's subcontracts with Vogel's in New York.

Victor's is another bootmaker in College Station that makes some of these Senior Boots.

All Senior Boots are hand measured and custom made.  They cost from $995 and up, and are usually dark British tan to brown in color, although they come in a variety of shades, including a brown and burgundy mix.  The boots have cinch straps at the outside top like patrolman boots, leather soles and heels with two small metal wedges in the heel to prevent wear, and metal heel and plastic toe taps.

Name, class, and designs are usually embossed on the inside of the boots.  They're lined with an extra stiff lining, with a softer elk lining at the ankle.

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