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Above and below, I'm wearing custom Paul Bond Boots

Here are more photos of me in my boots.

Wesco 20-inch
Harness Boots

Wesco 21-inch
Western Boss Boots

Wesco 20-inch
Boss Boots

Wesco 34-inch
Big Boss Boots
I recently sold these boots.

Sendra 18-inch
Cowboy Boots

Champion Attitude
18-inch Cowboy Boots

Chippewa Crazy Horse
Harness Boots

German 14-inch Knobelbecher Boots

Wesco 16-inch
Boss Boots

Les Caoutchoucs
Acton Rubber Boots

Danner Fort Lewis Boots

Relaxing in boots

This is where I store many of my boots.

On the right are shelves I had built especially for my boots.  Here I store my shorter engineer
and harness boots, ropers, cowboy boots, etc.  Top row: Paul Bond, Sendra and Tony Lama
cowboy boots and Wesco Harness boots.  Second row: Wesco Boss, Chippewa and Ariat
Ropers, a boot jack and boxes storing some of my stuff.  On the third row are Chippewa
Harness, Frye Harness, Wesco Western Boss and Sendra Harness boots.  Bottom row: Nocona,
Champion Attitude, Olathe and Western Ranch cowboy boots.  Under the TV are my ranger
boots, and you can also see a few small decorative boots atop the speaker given to me as gifts.

The rest of my boots are stored in the closet to the right.

Here on the floor of my closet you find my tall Wescos and Dehners as well as a few shorter
boots... along with my dirty laundry on the left. :)  In this group are a pair of Wesco Boss,
Western Boss, and Wesco Harness boots, one pair of Dehner Patrol boots, a pair of Runner
Bull boots, Chippewa Engineer Boots and side zip dress boots, and in the front my German
Knoelnocher boots, Bea-stu side-zip harness boots and Ariat square toed cowboy boots.

Stored on the shelf above my clothes are my rubber boots.

On the left are a vintage pair of Canadian firemen's boots, next
are Ranger firemen's boots, then Firefighter 2000 rubber
boots from Scotland, and on the right Acton rubber boots.

Danner Fort Lewis Boots, vintage Alpinestar Motocross boots,
some old Herman Santa Rosa Engineer Boots, and several
pair of old cowboy boots I seldom wear are in the basement.

A little history...
My interest in boots goes back more than 55 years to when I was in junior high school!   Engineer boots were my favorite then, and the first thing I bought with the money from my first job was a pair of engineer boots!   A black leather jacket and engineer boots were what made a guy "cool!" back in the late 50's!

My taste in boots, of course, has changed over the years.   Today, engineer boots are still a favorite, but I also love harness boots, cowboy boots, patrol boots, rangers, rubber boots, and more.

You can see close up shots of some of my boots in the "Just Boots" Gallery:

  • Page 5 - 18" Paul Bond cowboy Boots
  • Page 12 - 34" Wesco Big Boss Boots
  • Page 16 - 20" Wesco Harness Boots
  • Page 21 - 17" Chippewa Engineer Boots
  • Page 38 - 30 hole Underground "Rangers"
  • Page 144 - Photos of several pair of my boots
  • Page 199 - 21" Wesco Western Boss Boots
  • Page 200 - Wide view of some of my collection
  • Page 291 - Vintage Alpinestar Motocross Boots
  • Page 586 - Champion Attitude Cowboy Boots
  • Page 587 - Chippewa Harness Boots
  • Page 598 - German Knobelbecher Boots
  • Page 982 - Tall Sendra Cowboy Boots
  • Page 1234 - Tall Cowboy Boots - Champion Attitude, Olathe and Tony Lama
  • Page 1238 - Custom Patrol Boots from Thailand

Join me for a visit to the Wesco factory in Scappoose, Oregon, and you're welcome to check out my personal website "Larry's Place" at

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