This tree was located on U.S. Highway 50 east of Fallon, Nevada.
Vandals cut down the tree in early January, 2011.  A funeral
for the tree was held by both Native Americans and many
other individuals, and a new shoe tree was started that
day not far from the location of the original tree.

The tree was covered with boots and shoes.

You'll find mostly tennis shoes and sneakers, but it you
look closely, you'll find several pair of boots in the mix.

Like the fallen leaves of Autumn, there are boots and shoes under the tree, too.

Here are some of the boots spotted on the tree or on the ground below.

Check out the tree the next time you travel on U.S. 50.
It's located near Middlegate, Nevada, about 60 miles east of
Fallon, next to a dusty pulloff on the north side of the highway.

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