Mesa, Arizona

I am a Wranglers & boots kind of guy.  I can trace my "thing" for boots back to age 8 when Beatle boots were the style.  I have collected boots for about 20 years with a high of 80 pairs prior to my Arizona move, down to about 40 pairs now.  Those boot styles include cowboy, harness, and side zipper boots, but cowboy boots will always be the first boot of choice.

I like to keep life simple and easy.  That is why I moved to Arizona from the northeast to give it a try.  I prefer to knock back a couple beers and grill a few steaks with friends on the back porch rather than be part of the "scene".

To me, a great weekend is to get in my truck and check out the small Arizona towns and roads that are less traveled.  It can be hotter than hell in Arizona but there are lots of cool places to see.

Above: Paul Bond "Mt. Trumbull" boots.  My first pair of Bond boots.  22-inches total height,
2-1/2-inch heels, super sharp 4A toe. Turquoise tops that Mr. Bond picked out the stitching colors for.

Above: Vintage Joe Hall boots, about 20-25 years old. 18" high, 2-3/4" heel (when new),
sharp X toe.  The seams started coming apart after wearing due to age, so I decided to "use
them up".  I have worn the stacked leather heel down on the outsides and both soles have holes.

Above: True story -- I found these Olathe Buckaroo boots at the Goodwill Store by my house
for $24.99.  What a deal!  These are the real deal cowboy boots. 20-inch total height, 3-inch
heel with spur ridge, rounded toe.  Hardly worn, just some dirt on the heels.  Nice red shafts.

Above: Paul Bond Crotch High boots 37-inch total height, 3-inch heel with spur ridge, sharp pointed 4A toe.
All black leather with sharkskin on the collar & heel counter.  Quite the feeling wearing these boots!
You can see more of these Paul Bond Crotch High boots on page 715 of the "Just Boots" gallery.

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