Big Black Brawny Boots! - sz 12 [PIC]

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Posted by Islander Boots (other posts) on August 12, 2017 at 20:25:05:

When we posted the ad for this pair of boots, we saw another gorgeous pair of ”to-die-for,” tall, black boots up for auction that are totally gorgeous. Wondered if we should try to wait and maybe list these later. There’s no comparison between the two.

Except that we saw that the price on “the other pair.” It starts at $1,499. Those fine boot are probably worth every penny.

But given the price we can start THIS pair, there’s no contest between these boots and the others; we could actually afford these. And maybe YOU can, too.

These brawny, muscular boots are based on Civil War infantry boots and built by Champion Attitude of El Paso, Tcxas. A new stock pair would cost you $390. And a custom pair would START at $500. So grabbing these for just $118 is a killer-great-deal.

They’re size 12s and fit that way on our 10.5 buddy in these photos. And since they look real nice on him and feel OK, too, with thicker socks, maybe many of you 10.5s to 12s could enjoy these. Check out the numbers against YOUR favorite boots and see.

Lots more pics at the link below.

And you could buy almost 13 PAIRS of these boots at this price with the money the fancy ones would cost - -

Go for it!

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