FINAL DAY! Big Black Bold Boots! 13.5 [PIC]

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Posted by Islander Boots (other posts) on March 11, 2017 at 09:50:07:

Thank goodness for a few pairs of boots for larger feet now and then. These CaBoots sure fit the bill and we love ‘em.

The “Ranger” is the one style of taller buckaroo we’ve had here most of all from Champion Attitude. Such an attractive boot to begin with. And then THIS pair is built with a doggone handsome mulehide foot and spur saddle, too

The shaft height tops out at just a hair under 20 inches. And with those ample scallops at the top, these super tall boots will still allow you to sit or kneel easily. Big, chunky riding heels include a big spur ledge.

And you won’t be paying the $830 it costs for a new pair of these nowadays either- nor waiting forever for these custom boots to be finished for you. As we write, this pair is STILL available at 55% OFF the price of a new pair today.

We’re also sending this notice to you guys who might not wear a boot so big because you say them here on our 10.5 D buddy for our pics. Now, they’re big on him for sure- and they are real 13.5s. But he still liked them and they fit real nice on a pair of 11.5 EEEs, too, except they were a little long. So depending on the fit you favor, you might want to consider these.

See lots more pics and all the measurements at this link.

Thanks for looking, men!

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