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Variety of Side Zip Dress Boots

Florshiem Boots - photo from Pghbooted

Unknown brand, but they're thought to be Florsheim
Photos from Frank

Brutini Side Zip Snakeskin Boots - photo from Kev

Side zip boots with 14-inch shaft made from a
single piece of leather with only a back seam.
Photo from Longboots

A pair of old Florsheims with soft, tall leather shafts,
70's square toe, center track seams and big clunky heels.
Photo from Bryan

Mike's Dress Boot Collection - starting from upper left clockwise:

  • Black Florsheim Stuart (11D)
  • Black Florsheim Stuart (11E)
  • Black Florsheim Duke - Cuban Heel (11D)
  • Black Florsheim Essex (10.5D)
  • Vintage Florsheim Boot - 8 inch shaft and Gold Ankle Ornament (11D)
  • Black Florsheim Boot - Retailed for ~ $200.00 in the 80s (10.5E)
  • Black Florsheim Mura - Puff Collar (10.5E)
  • Black Enrico Bruno Boots from Italy - Gold Ankle Ornament (10.5D)
  • Brown Florsheim Stuart (10.5E)
  • Vintage Florsheim Stuart - 8 inch shaft (11D)

Thanks to all of the contributors for these photos.

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