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Collage of Cowboy Boots with Spurs

Boots and Spurs

Melange of boots and spurs - from the Loveland, Colorado
Cowboy Collectibles Show & Auction, June, 1998

Justin Boots with Spurs

Justin dark brown shark boots with Eduardo
Garcia snake spurs resting on the saddle
horn of an old Tex Tan saddle

Justin Boots with Spurs

Justin antique brown full-quill ostrich boots
with old McChesney spurs with lock rowels

Lucchese Boots with Spurs

Lucchese cognac anteater boots with
cutting horse spurs by Jeff Payne

Paul Bond Boots with Spurs

Paul Bond black shark boots with black calf uppers.  The
boots are 19-inches tall with 12 rows of stitching, and
have smooth ostrich toe caps - all in black for subtlety.
They have a narrow round toe and 2 1/2-inch heels
(somewhat worn down from plenty of outings....).
Spurs are by Dennis Markle of Arizona.

Thanks to Spurmarks for this series of photos.
For more information on these boots, email:

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