Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill

Washington, DC

January 12-14, 2018

This is the Hyatt Regency Hotel where MAL was held.

The hotel is located just a few blocks from the Nation's Capitol.

MAL's Leather Mart opened on Friday.  Here is
the display of boots at the Stompers Boots booth.

Bootblacks were set up at two locations in the hotel. This stand was located just
outside the Leather Mart.  That's Ted, on the right, waiting to have his boots shined.

Ted is getting his boots shined

The next bootblack was finishing up on a pair of Doc Marten boots.

Now it's Larry's turn to get his Embossy boots shined.

The crowd of men in the Hyatt lobby Friday night


A good sized group of bootmen showed up for the
Bootmen's Meet and Greet in the Hyatt lobby.

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