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Contributing Content to This Site


Most of what you see on Hot Boots is here because it was contributed by others like yourself.  On this page we'll discuss the ways of getting your material onto the Hot Boots web site.  For each feature, we'll describe what it's all about, what we look for in the material, how to submit it, and how long it might take for it to appear.

We have two general requirements that apply site-wide:
1 - Hot Boots is a men's site.  We only will post photographs of adult men.
2 - It is a boots site.  We will only post photographs that show boots.

We have chosen for this site to be open, giving our material and yours the widest possible exposure.  This means we have to adhere to decency standards that satisfy multiple jurisdictions, because Hot Boots is seen everywhere.  We therefore use the federal standards which are applied to broadcasters - material must not portray sexual or excretory activities, excretions, or organs.


This is one of our most popular features, our main bulletin board!  Discussions revolve around every topic imaginable that concerns boots, except the sale or exchange of them.  Sales and exchanges are to be posted on the other bulletin board, "Boots For Sale".  (See the next item.)  You may submit text, and a photo with each post if you wish, and your access to the Internet is immediate.  Photos are limited to four per user per day.  Posts remain on the system until discussion of that specific topic thread ceases and for about a week thereafter.  Material is then moved to the "Boots On Line" archive.

If you include your email address with your post your name will be shown in blue. Bootmen clicking on your name will be able to email you directly through the Hot Boots mail server (info).  Your e-mail address is not shown in your post nor is it shown to the person sending the message to you.

See the section on "Hot Boots Portraits" below for information on how to include a portrait photo in your post.


This is a second bulletin board, similar to "Boots On Line" above, but for buying and selling boots!  Post your item here, where others with this interest will be looking.  You may list private sales, or sales and auctions that are on other sites, such as eBay.  Questions regarding the sale items may also be posted here.   Posts to this forum remain on line for about two weeks.  There is no archive for the "Boots For Sale" board.

Like "Boots On Line", if you include your email address with your post your name will be shown in blue. Bootmen clicking on your name will be able to email you directly through the Hot Boots mail server (info).  Your e-mail address is not shown in your post nor is it shown to the person sending the message to you.

See the section on "Hot Boots Portraits" below for information on how to include a portrait photo in your post.


With Boot Chat you can engage in live conversations with other bootmen on line.  Discussions can be on any topic, but most pertain to boots and topics related to boots.  Material only exists as long as it's on the chat page.  Once it rolls off the top, it's gone for good.  There is no log kept of any posts made on Boot Chat.

See the section on "Hot Boots Portraits" below for information on how to include a portrait photo with your name in the chat room.


Place your free personal ad here!  Unlike on the "Boots On Line" bulletin board, your post to the Personals will be retained for an indefinite period.  It will also be accessible to site visitors by location, so bootmen nearby can find you.  You may submit text, and your access to the Internet is immediate.  You may also edit or remove your listing, and such changes take effect immediately.  Bootmen's responses to your ad are forwarded through the Hot Boots mail server (info) so your e-mail address is not shown in your ad.

If you have a profile in the "Men In Boots" gallery (see section below), your ad will automatically be included in the profile.  You must use the same email address in the ad and the profile since that's how they're linked.

See the section on "Hot Boots Portraits" below for information on how to include a portrait photo with your ad.


This feature is for a very limited purpose, but a very popular one, swapping boots!  Listing "wants" is also on-topic here.  Posts are organized by that all-important variable - SIZE.  If you have a common shoe size, you will find dozens of men here with whom to share this interest.  As with the Personals, you must post and remove your listing yourself, and what you post appears on the Internet immediately and remains indefinitely.  Responses to your listing are forwarded through the Hot Boots mail server (info) so your e-mail address is not shown.


Let us know about events of interest to bootmen!  We'll list them in the HOT BOOTS Events Calendar.  Send information to Larry.  Material is posted promptly.


Hot Boots is a crowded place, and you can sometimes feel you are lost in the crowd.  People remember faces better than names, and a Hot Boots Portrait will put a face on your presence here and get you more noticed.  If you have a personal ad, if you participate in "Boot Chat", or if you post frequently on "Boots On Line" or "Boots For Sale", you may want to have a portrait at Hot Boots.

If you have a profile in our "Men In Boots" gallery (see below), you automatically get a portrait and there is no need for you to request one.  Further, if site visitors click on your portrait, they will be taken to your profile in the gallery.

This is what a portrait looks like.  If you have one on file here and use your registered email address, the web site will add the portrait to each message you post on "Boots On Line" and "Boots For Sale", to the users' box in "Boot Chat" and it will include it with your ad in the Personals.  This occurs automatically when your e-mail address is recognized.  Your portrait must be a photograph of your face - no caricatures, sketches, or avatars (cartoon characters) are permitted.

For your portrait to display everywhere, you must use the same e-mail address consistently while at Hot Boots.  If you wish your e-mail address to be changed in the portraits records or on your "Men In Boots" gallery pages, let us know.  Send your new address to You control what e-mail address you use on "Boots On Line" and "Boots For Sale", when logging into "Boot Chat" and in the "Personals", and you must match the address we have on file to cause your portrait to appear.  Capital and lower case letters will be matched successfully.  You need not worry about case.

Photos to be turned into portraits should be submitted on this page.  Submit your photo as it is - we will crop it to show your face and reduce it in size if it is too large.  Read the material in the "Photos" section below for general photo requirements.  Portrait requests are processed promptly, often the same day they are received.


Over 160 men have chosen to be profiled on Hot Boots in our "Men In Boots" gallery.  You're welcome to have a profile, too, but don't look for a place to make your own.  You must send your photos and the information specified below to Larry and he makes the profile page for you.  The intent of this gallery is to feature "out and proud" bootmen.

The pages will consist primarily of photographs, along with small amounts of text to explain them.  We require that your location be listed as well as a link to your e-mail address so that other bootmen can contact you via the Hot Boots mail form.  (Your email address is not displayed nor shown to the person writing to you.)  We will also include other items such as a link to other photos on Hot Boots, your home page on the web or another profile page on a different site, if you wish.

If you have an ad in the Hot Boots Personals section (see above for information), your ad will automatically be included in your profile.  You must use the same email address for both the ad and the profile.

You may use a nickname or screen name for your profile, but most use their full name.  Both your full name and screen name may be included.  For location, most include the name of their city or town and state, province or country.  Check some of the existing profiles to see what others have done.

Photos must generally show your entire body including your boots and your face.  Photos should be framed so that they do not cut off any part of your boots.  Read the material in the "Photos" section below for general photo requirements.

You will get a portrait (see section above) automatically if you have a profile in the Men In Boots gallery, and site visitors will be taken to your profile in the gallery if they click on your portrait anywhere it appears on the Hot Boots web site.

Send the following to Larry: your photos, the description of your boots in those photos, such as manufacturer, height, if they're tall boots, and any other interesting information, your name as you want it shown on the page, your location, the email address you want linked, the address of your home page or other profile page on another site, if you have one, and the preferred color for the background for your profile page.

Your profile page will be prepared and appear as soon as possible after the photos and information are received, and you'll be advised when it's on line.


We have thousands of photos in our "Just Boots" gallery. As the name implies, these photos show just boots.  Boots may be shown being worn or not.  We give the contributor credit by showing his name, but not showing it is okay - just let us know.  Of course we like to include text describing the boots!  If photos are of other people's boots, you should have their permission before sending them.  It may take several weeks for Just Boots pages to be prepared and appear.  If you have any "Just Boots" photos to submit, please send them and the associated information to Larry.


This is general information about photographs to be sent to us for the features mentioned above. This does not apply to photos you post yourself on "Boots On Line" or "Boots For Sale".

Except for the "Just Boots" gallery, photos must show your face.  When we say that, it means that they must show at least 2/3 of your face in a frontal view, or all of the half one sees in a profile view.  In mentioning those amounts, we speak of areas not covered by a hat, sunglasses, or a beard so thick your face cannot be seen.  Your face must be no smaller than a centimeter in diameter (about the size of your thumbnail) on the screen.

Photographs must be of good quality.  Photographs should not cut off part of your head, and they certainly should not cut off part of your boots!  Photographs must be of yourself, must be recent (within the last four years), and must represent the way you look today.  Other men care about matters such as your age, size, beard, and hair, and if these change substantially, it is only fair to these men for you to send us a new photograph.  This site is so heavily visited that if you misrepresent yourself, we will hear about it soon, and if you send us photos of another person, we will hear about it almost immediately.  Please don't waste our time.

We do not display photos with photographer credits, advertising, email addresses, web site addresses or other water marks, and such on submitted photos will be removed.

Please do not sharpen photos or digitally adjust them in any way.  Each time that is done, quality suffers, and we prefer to do that once here.  Therefore, please just send photos in their original format or the way you have them now.  We will make changes to them as required.

Some older material may not meet these requirements; however they apply to new submissions.

Photos for the "Men In Boots" profiles and the various galleries, should be sent to Larry as attachments. (We have a different method for submitting photos for "portraits" - see that section for a link.)  Photos should be described in the email when sent.  Photos by email is the preferred method, but if you need to send them using the postal service please contact Larry.

By submitting photos, you affirm that you have the right to post them on Hot Boots, and the right to do so in accordance with the conditions on this page.

We look forward to your contributions!

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