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Over the course of a few weeks in February, 2012, Booted Up, posted a
series of photographs showing various forms of Boot Art on the "Boots
On Line" message board.   He wrote: "I enjoy collecting boots in all kinds
of formats...some decorative, some utilitarian.  The pictures in this series
will show some of both, to give you an idea of the many ways we can enjoy our
boots!"  Other bootmen then offered photos showing some of their Boot Art.

We have taken the photos that were posted and put them together in this gallery.
The photos are those of Booted Up unless otherwise noted. Please enjoy the show!

First we have several paintings and photos of boots:

This is a whimsical print from the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado.

A framed miniature, whimsically titled "Chorus Line"
by the artist.  Each boot is about 1-inch tall.

Bought at a western gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico

ARken offered this art --- a drawing of a pair of Nocona Boots.
The boots were given to him by his barber who couldn't wear boots
anymore. ARKen gave this drawing of the boots to the barber in thanks.

From VABootLover, a framed print by David R. Stoecklein


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