Highway Patrol Boots Pick-Me-Up!

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Posted by Jake (other posts) on May 15, 2018 at 10:36:50:

Needed a tall boot fix so poped in a DVD from the "Chips" series.
I know others on this site watch them but turn the sound off because of the trite scripts.

I happened to get the one where Ponch and Jon are out on their bikes on the highway.

Jon says that it is supposed to rain and they should get ready for it.

Ponch: I know California sky and it does not look like rain.

Jon: I don't know about that

Ponch Trust me!

Big clap of thunder and it pours down. Two very wet and cranky police officers return to the station house.

Contrair: Why didn't you wear you slickers?

Jon: we were already soaked

Ponch It was raining cats and dogs out there

Groseman Awe Guys nobody likes soggy chippies,

Highway Patrol Squad Car Guy Is that why you bikers wear those boots so you can wade through the "poodles"

Jon and Ponch glare at him.

Another scene

In a squad car because of the heavy rain, Jon and Ponch have to go to a victims home that was beaten up so bad he had to go to the hospital. He is a severe gambler and they have no money to pay their phone bill so Jon and Ponch take the cruiser to tell the wife about her husband. The street and gutters are full of rain water as they pull up.Leaving the car they are running through the rain and puddles, we know are there but do not see, they go up to the front door. They are let in out of the rain and stand in the entry way. She feels weak at the news and goes into the living room. The boys follow her and you can see where their boots dripped on the entry way tile floor, as they go into the carpeted living room.

Thought I would pass this on for what is it worth., or for your enjoyment

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