Boots and pedals

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Posted by Quirt (other posts) on March 04, 2018 at 21:08:21:

I drive a car with an automatic transmission and only have to worry about using the pedals on the right, accelerator and brake.

I'm going to have to wear a brace on my right foot which will be clumsy. I was going to try to replace the pedals on the right with ones that are  wider than normal but have found out that that's impractical.

My mechanic said that it might be possible to get wider, and more widely spaced, accelerator and brake pedals in a pickup truck -  which I do not need .

His comment about  pickup trucks was that   the people who drive them tend to be workmen wearing work boots which are relatively wide; so maybe  pickup truck pedals are more  widely spread apart.

Does  anyone have any experience with the pedals on pickup trucks being wider and also being more widely set apart than on cars?

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