Re: Horror! LAPD is not using tall boots! [PIC]

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Posted by KneeHighGuy (other posts) on February 28, 2018 at 12:14:48:

In Reply to: Horror! LAPD is not using tall boots! posted by bootQueen on February 27, 2018 at 20:18:03:

: Every motor cop I now come across is using hideous tactical like boots with some nylon looking pants!

: What is going on?

: The same weirdos that are behind bring your own or buy reusable 10 cent plastic bags at every store encounter are most likely behind this too!

: LA flip flop wearing lady boys need to butch up!

I feel your frustration, and wouldn't be surprised if the de-booting (emasculation) of our men in blue were linked to the California plastic bag Nazis. Though how ironic that de-booting should be perpetrated by Nazis. Hmmmm.....must be a Communist plot! And feminists. Yeah, that's it, pinko Commie feminists!

I've been noticing this alarming trend in other Southern California jurisdictions over the last couple years, and hearing dire reports from bootmen in other states. A couple years ago our local city police were given the choice of wearing traditional tall patrol boots or short tactical boots on their bikes. Sadly, most seem to have opted for the latter.

Thankfully, the CHP are upholding boot tradition. They even returned to riding Harley cruisers a couple years ago!

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