Re: Afraid to wear your boots in public?

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Posted by Sendraguy (other posts) on December 23, 2017 at 21:58:10:

In Reply to: Afraid to wear your boots in public? [PIC] posted by BootGuyOH on December 22, 2017 at 14:10:03:

I have decided recently to go out in public in my Sendras and this has been a huge step for me. I have realized that I should not give a shit about other people, what they think, how they look at me etc. And I believe that I am right 100% in it.

First of all, because they do not deserve it (that means, I should not take them and their opinion so seriously), secondly because I do not harm or insult anyone in the way I decide to be dressed and lastly because they do not look any better in their stupid apparel that I could laugh at them. I believe there is a certain freedom all over the world as far as style, fashion and clothing are concerned. So, I am totally into boots and into wearing them.

However, let me say also this. The boot-style-thing gives someone some masculinity, some toughness, some manness, that goes along with the boots. When you decide to put them on and go out in public, you stress thie part of yourself and you make it apparant to the others. Sometimes, I do not feel like making myself that much "noticed by others" and I want to be more "everyday" in my style or to put it simply more "unnoticed". Of course, sometimes I cannot resist the power of my boots and I definitely want to go out in my sendras (probably also stomping something on the way so that I feel the power they give me).

To put it in other words, this is what directs me in wearing them / not wearing them out in public. That is, my mood. And I believe this should be the criterion, not what the g''' d''' f'''' people think (who do not deserve a damn shit by the way).

In Sendras

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