Afraid to wear your boots in public? [PIC]

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Posted by BootGuyOH (other posts) on December 22, 2017 at 14:10:03:

Every now and then, this subject pops up on Hot Boots. I read the post and I shake my head. I don't get it. I just don't understand why someone would be afraid to wear their boots - actually afraid, not just nervous. It's why boots exist - they're made to be worn.

About an hour ago, I had a brief boot conversion at work with a co-worker who's asked about my boots several times in the past. He once told me he had a dream about wearing cowboy boots. This guy is a straight-up dude, family man, married forever, four kids, grandchildren, the whole nine yards.

Allow me to back up to this morning. I'm going into work early to get things done before our Christmas party. I know I'll be climbing ladders and doing a lot of running around, so I decide to wear a pair of Shox, but I'll want to change into boots later, so I carry them with me. Just like Mick from IL, I also like athletic shoes and have as many of them as I do boots.

I get my stuff done, change into my boots, we work the morning, then have the party during lunch and the building starts to empty out. I'm doing last minute things, then I go to say Merry Christmas to the co-worker mentioned above. I walk in, say Merry Christmas, he says the same, then he says out of the blue, "I like your boots". I say I like them, too, then he asks how many pair do I have by now. I lie and say I don't really know because, to me, it comes off as bragging about my extensive collection, even if I'm asked. Then he says with excitement, "I just got my first pair of cowboy boots". I ask him what color, what toe shape and where did he buy them. Apparently he's had a tough time finding a boot that fit him comfortably and he finally found a pair, so he bought them. I told him to wear them to work some day, he said he would, I wished him Merry Christmas again and I left. That's it. End of story. Am I still thinking about it - yes, because to me, it's a fetish that embodies me. Is he still thinking about it? Probably not. To him, boots are boots and that's it - nothing more. It's just like talking about truck tires or snow shovels.

Did any of the other 59 people in the building mention my boots? No. Did the FedEx guy say anything when he asked me to sign for the packages? No. Did anyone in the bank just 20 minutes ago say anything? No. No one made fun of me. I'm still alive. I'm breathing. Everything's fine.

Guys - if you're really into boots and you know you are, then just F'en wear them. For you younger guys, the years are going by faster than you know and you're going to regret not wearing your boots.

If you've read this and you're afraid to wear your boots, I sincerely hope this encourages you to get out there with your boots on your feet. Now put a nickel in the tin can, Charlie Brown!

Merry Christmas and the best of all holidays to everyone!

BTW - boots are green seabass and cowhide, size 10D, made for Buffalo Chips out of NYC

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