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Posted by Fred M aka Oregon Cowboy (other posts) on December 03, 2017 at 02:44:49:

In Reply to: I am happy - sth important to share posted by Sendraguy on December 02, 2017 at 14:27:13:

So great to read your message. It just takes confidence; be confident and wear your boots with pride and a little style. Wear them more often and some of your friends will notice and make a nice comment. Who knows someone might be inspired to get a pair of boots too.

: Hey out there!

: Why am I posting this message? Because tonight I made the big step. Yes, I went out with friends to drink and was booted in my beloved Sendras (black with harness and in blue hot jeans) for a first time.

: I had been so afraid for years to go out in my Sendras, you know, thinking what other people would say about my outfit, my boots etc. But tonight I had the b"""s to go out in Sendras.

: And you know what? The most striking thing for me tonight was probably the fact the everybody acted as if they did not even notice my boots, which made me feel really comfortable. I would expect comments about my Sendras and I was ready to handle their comments, but nobody said anything. Neither my friends, nor the other people. People were passing by me as if I was wearing something casual. I am more than sure that they did notice, but nobody said anything.

: Do you also know what else I learned from this? I should not really care about other people, what they think about my outfit etc. I do wear them because I do love them and I do express myself when I wear them and walk in them. This is who I am. I am a Sendra guy and I feel sorry for whoever does not like or does not "approve" my outfit. Besides, life is too short. I don't wanna die and think in my last moments "I have always wanted to go out in my Sendras, but I never had the guts to do it".

: I am happy not only because I made the big step, but also - mostly - I proved to myself that I can do it. Yes, I can do it. What I was afraid of doing for so long, I did it tonight.

: I feel compfortable with me myself, I do accept myself now and this is which counts for me now. I did it and I feel good with myself. I am a real man.

: I am content with me and I just wanted to share with you guys, you can understand me because I am addressing this to a boot community. I am sure there are people out there reading this who can understand me, they can feel what I mean.

: Thank you for reading this.

: In sendras,
: A sendraguy.

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