Re: Tall police boots gone?

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Posted by Fred M aka Oregon Cowboy (other posts) on December 03, 2017 at 02:37:50:

In Reply to: Tall police boots gone? posted by T on December 03, 2017 at 00:21:37:

Iím not sure if you are taking about motorcycle or equestrian units, but the trend is saddening for us tall boot men. My home is Portland Oregon the home of Langlitz Leather and Wesco Boots. For years our motorcycle and mounted police wore Wesco Patrol Boots and a Langlitz Columbia Jacket, but in the last 1o years they have switched to tactical gear. Itís just not classy and often looks disheveled.

As for mounted units, I think they will always wear a tall boot just because of the need to have your leg on horses flank, but with a tactical jacket. What Iím seeing is increasingly mounted units are disappearing. Portlandís was disbanded this year. I think its a tread are more western cities are isolated from the western horse tradition. Itís quite sad really.

: I had seen that LA Sheriff monocycle police had dropped tall boots (except it seems for special events.) There was an article in the OC Register reading they're going the same way and I noticed Beverly Hills PD seems to have joined the party. Are tall boots on mounted police going away?

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