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Posted by Bigbootsuk (other posts) on November 21, 2017 at 00:39:27:

In Reply to: if i only had the b**l s posted by bootguy52 on November 20, 2017 at 01:00:40:

: if i only had the b**ls to wear tall boots out in public with pants tucked in but i get in car wearing them that way but as soon as i get in public off they come what im i afraid of your thoughts would help

I used to live in London where it is much easier to wear almost anything without much bad talk. Generally people do ignore or compliment Nice boots.

Then, I moved to a small village in the southeast which I thought was very conservative. So, I wore a pair of 20 hole black ranges tucked in when we went for a walk over the fields followed by visit to the local village pub. Instant reaction, nothing! After a while a couple of positive comments.

Next time I upped the ante by wearing 30hole black, this time several extremely complimentary comments, mainly from women. The more often I wore boot the more comments I got and more often from men.

Once I conquered the village I also started wearing tall boots into the local town, similar reaction. On time outside a pub a guy instantly asked to buy my boots(polite not for sale).

Now I have the woman in the green grocer who complains when I donít wear tall boots

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