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Posted by YoungBootboy (other posts) on November 09, 2017 at 01:47:01:

In Reply to: Fetish posted by YoungBootboy on November 06, 2017 at 01:17:22:

First off, I'm sorry that I haven't been more responsive to your comments on my post as well as emails a few of you have sent. I think that most of you picked up on the difficulty I'm having with all that's going on.

In truth, what I'm currently dealing with at this point is more about the frustrations I have over people that have turned their backs on me while the situation occured as well as now in the time after. The world really doesn't owe us anything in life and none of us are safe from slipping through the cracks.

We have an imperfect system when it comes to programs that are meant to help people in need. On one hand, we hear people speak about all the fraudulent claims out there where help is being abused. Yet with a situation like mine where I just don't have any fight left in me, the system is set up so there can't be any income made during a 3+ year process to try to receive help. It feels sometimes that this is all part of a test, where you are faced with losing every ounce of dignity you have left in order to prove you're not asking for help due to laziness.

As far as what type of job would require such an intrusive background check, it was an entry level HR job. It was a civilian position with no type of security clearance. It is also worth remembering that I was told that everyone went through the same background check, yet I had proof that it wasn't the case since my friend had just went through the background check about a month before & it wasn't even remotely similar.

In addition to that proof, they had to eventually give a reason during the legal process for why they didn't hire me - which were easily debunked. As an example, 1 of the reasons was unfavorable comments from my supervisor. However, in the same exact packet of evidence they included a transcript of the interview with her which had no negative comments.

At this point there are no more legal actions to be taken. The settlement is laughable, but it was the only way I could prevent another 2-3 years of dealing with the case which would also have guaranteed foreclosure before I could get through it. Perhaps it wasn't the best choice on my part, but I was just trying to survive & hoping it would hold me over until disability could be approved. P

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