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Posted by Don (other posts) on November 06, 2017 at 12:54:23:

In Reply to: Fetish posted by YoungBootboy on November 06, 2017 at 01:17:22:

I did read your entire post, but forgive me if I didn't get all the details correct, please correct me....
What the heck type of job were you applying for? I can not imagine someone following you, then going into your home for such an invasive interview. I think your perspective employer should have told you about these things, and warned you about having to reveal your most secret desires/fetishes. All this just does not seem legal, but who knows. I'm pretty sure I would have gave up on the job opportunity once they demanded to see my laptop and point out all my favorite websites. I would have then politely shown the investigator the door. I'm hoping I would have never allowed the investigator into my home, especially being unaware of such a ridiculous/invasive interview. But, I have not been in a situation like this, so can not say for sure how I would have reacted.
The thing to remember here is, we ALL have our secret desires/interests/fetishes. This online world has just made it so easy to explore these things. I don't think too many people would come up "clean" if their laptops/phones were checked out.
The thing about all this that really has upset me is that your family/friends seemed to have turned their backs on you.
You are still seeing your therapist, so that is a great thing, please don't stop...Sounds like foreclosure is unavoidable, I surely understand how awful this must be.
Buddy, just seems like things can only get better from here. I am no lawyer, but it seems like there is nothing you can do to change/erase the crap you have been put through. Maybe you might want to think of relocating to some place new, with affordable housing/assistance. Keep trying with the disability, being denied on the initial application is probably normal, they are just hoping you will "give up" on the application. There are lawyers out there that specialize in disability applications.
You will find a new home, though it might be more modest than your current place. You will make new and better friends as well. I just pray that your family will come around in time also, your "kinks" are pretty minor buddy. Again, I just can't imagine many people have computers that would come up clean.
We are here Tyler, please keep talking to your therapist, and us....Don

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