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Posted by ivanhowe (other posts) on July 14, 2017 at 17:36:46:

or why do my boots look better on someone else? Actually, I'm asking our English cousins,esp the Guards, if the Ammo boots have changed. I bought mine at Silvermans in 1999. These 4 Guardsmen(op sit: Guarding the Queen, video at Youtube) seem to be wearing a slightly different version of the ones pictutred below.
or maybe, the beauty of their youth makes the boots even more handsome. or do i have it backwards?
I've never been able to figure it out- do the boots make the wearer more handsome, or does the wearer make the boots more attractive?
When I see a great pair of boots, I photograph them, then take another shot of the wearer. (That might make an interesting string of photos here.)

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