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Posted by Mick / Ill (other posts) on March 15, 2017 at 08:50:14:

In Reply to: Re: World of Weird posted by tom shank on March 15, 2017 at 07:07:59:

: The weight is palpable when you first put it all on, but you quickly get used to wearing it every day, and finally you don't even notice it anymore.

: But please note: Every single item on a Police Officer's belt is there for a very specific reason and its placement on the belt is critical to his safety and being able to use any of it in an emergency.

: Some departments will load you up with so much gear that it becomes a hindrance to your ability to move and some of it is frankly more trouble than it is worth. One prime example is the old style long baton. These things often caused as many problems out on the street as they solved. The modern collapsible baton is a real blessing over this old technology.

: A real Police Officer can usually take one look at a pic of someone in uniform and will be able to tell at once whether they are real or just someone posing as one, since the non-Police wearer is unaware how critical the placement of these items is on the job.

: One of the very first things they do in the academy when you are issued your gear is to have you put it on, then they take you for a two mile jog. You will have to leave behind anything that comes loose and falls off of you. The hard lesson here is that everything you wear must be thoroughly secured on your body before you hit the street.

: In a foot chase, this could cost you your life or someone else's.

Tom, you are exactly correct, and we share the same experience.
Arrangement of equipment on the duty belt is of preference and what we choose to carry is usually up to us. I try not overdue it myself, but some guys have entirely too much stuff. Their choice, but the lesser the better for me. Too many flashlights, knives, key chains, belt keepers, and even batons, can and will be more hinderence than useful. I keep it simple. And yes, the more you wear it, the less you notice the weight and it just becomes a part of you. Sometimes, when off duty, I find myself unconsciously checking my duty belt which is not on me. Checking my weapons, pulling my belt up, or actually looing down and checking. Sorry guys, it's a cop thing, and just how it is.

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