A Delicate Subject

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Posted by rafe (other posts) on February 12, 2017 at 13:10:39:

I am looking for suggestions from the men here. I am a somewhat private person so I don't say much about myself. I have been going through chemotherapy for several months. Earlier things were going OK, but last week my oncologist told me that chemo was no longer working for me and that it would be discontinued. They would like to try something different but I would rather not deal with the side effects. I should also add that I spend hours, three days a week on dialysis.

I am ready to accept my fate. Over the years I have accumulated many pairs of boots (to the point that my wife says I have a boot fetish). None of my relatives wears anything close to my size so I must dispose of the boots. My brother-in-law deals with Ebay frequently so I was going to ask him to sell some of them.

First of all I will go through those that would find a home at Good Will and make donations. I have others that are nearly new and could be sold on line. And then there are the five pairs of Wescos (four custom and one off the rack). I was thinking of putting a small tag on the bottom of a pair and then write a description of them. As we all know, some boots are far from cheap and I would hope the family could recover some of what I paid. Some of my Doc Martens were made in England and some elsewhere.

I would think that one or more people here have had to deal with the disposition of a boot collection. I am looking for realistic suggestions of how to handle this and would appreciate your help.

Most of the off-the-rack boots are size 13, the custom Wescos are more like 13.5 for a narrow foot; some are a 14D. Please do not try to contact me directly.


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