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Posted by KneeHighGuy (other posts) on January 07, 2017 at 20:01:55:

In Reply to: Would YOU wear them? [PIC] posted by Kal on January 07, 2017 at 14:22:13:

: So many guys define themselves by their boots… and yet, there’s a world of possibilities out there. If you define boots as ‘tall and black’ this may not be the posting for you! But if you are open to different opportunities and great looks… the question for you is ‘Would YOU wear them?”

You're raising two issues here, Kal, one regarding universal fashion sense and one a matter of personal taste.

Regarding the first, grounded in the boots, the overall outfit seems to work. It's a symphony of balance between extremes. The dark navy blue and light rawhide tan colors contrast boldly and beautifully, as do the ubiquitous masculine baseball cap with the iconic feminine purse. (Although as NJ Hardhat points out in his reply a man's purse ideally should match his boots, I think that little faux pas could be excused here, as the purse blends in nicely against, I'm assuming those are some kind of pants.) Then there is the classic suburban middle-class weekend skier down jacket juxtaposed with the sexy urbane weekend prostitute boots. Together it all makes a clear and elegant fashion statement: "Take me skiing at Yankee Stadium, sailor, and I'll do you a favor."

Initially my main concern with the ensemble had to do with function, specifically the jacket sleeves. At first blush it appeared the sleeves were too long; that, or the model is a double amputee. I then realized he had his hands in his pockets, lending credence to my earlier presumption that the man is indeed wearing pants. I'm also assuming these boots are being marketed primarily to straight men, as gay men do not stand with their hands in their pockets. So I'm told.

Finally, there are those good-looking people out there who stubbornly will look good no matter what they are wearing, and consequently what they are wearing invariably looks good. All I can see of this man is half his face, but that's enough to sell me on the outfit. Let's just say, boots or no boots, I wouldn't kick him off my couch.

As to the second issue.....oh, hell no! (Although, the heels appear to be quite low, and it's so hard finding tall boots with low heels. Hmmmm.....)

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