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Suggestions to help make your experience more enjoyable

  • There are two separate sections of the "FAQ" - (Frequently Asked Questions):
    • Rules for Posting - Guidelines for the board, what you can post and what you cannot post, social etiquette, and more.
    • Technical Information - How to enter a message, add photos to a message, position a message in the list, add a portrait, make text bold or in italics, etc.
    Please read these sections before posting a message.

  • When entering a message, do not hit "Enter" on your keyboard while filling in your name, email address, photo links, etc.  Use the "Tab" key or your mouse to move from box to box.  Some browsers will send the message, even though not complete, if you hit "Enter".  It's okay to hit "Enter" for starting new paragraphs once you're in the TEXT box.

  • When replying to a post, separate the old text from the new text that you're entering by putting them in separate paragraphs.  Add some space between the old and new paragraphs.  It makes it much easier to read what you write.

  • When replying, delete any of the old text that's not pertinent to the comments you're making.

  • Colons go in front of old text when replying, not in front of the new text that you're entering.

  • Don't use all capital letters.  That's considered to be "screaming" and in poor taste.  It's also more difficult to read.

  • When posting photos, describe the boots, with manufacturer, style, size, height, heel height, etc...whatever you know. This is information that bootmen want to know!

  • When reading a message, if the name of the bootman who wrote the message is printed in blue, that means he included his email address and you may click on his name to send him email.

  • Clicking on a portrait in the upper left corner of a message will take you to the bootman's profile, if he has one.

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