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Rules and Technical Instructions

Note: This page has the "rules" or "social etiquette guidelines" for the board. A separate Technical FAQ page has answers to questions about how to maximize your usage of the software.


  1. General topic: The "HOT BOOTS" site is not an X-rated site, it's a social and fetish site, so please enter your messages accordingly. The general topic of Hot Boots, and therefore this bulletin board, is "men in boots".

    As a social site, messages for meeting others are appropriate. If this is your aim, we generally require that you provide your e-mail address when you post. Once a conversation becomes a one-on-one encounter, it no longer belongs on here. You will want to move off to continue your talking privately, and others will need your e-mail address to do that. Note that e-mail addresses are obscured, and personal replies to posts are forwarded through the Hot Boots mail server. We have pages discussing posting your e-mail address and the Hot Boots mail server which provide more information.

    As a fetish site, posts about boots and other clothing are appropriate. What boots you have, what boots you would like to have, where you can buy boots, what your favorite styles are, your experiences while wearing your boots, boots in the movies or on TV, boot sightings - these are all great topics for the men on Boots On Line.

    All posts regarding the selling of boots and gear go on the Boots For Sale board. What boots you have for sale should not be listed or mentioned here, nor should posts advising of your items for sale on the Boots For Sale board, eBay or elsewhere.

  2. Non-commercial site: Neither this board or the Boots For Sale board are the place for commercial advertising. On the other hand, if a bootman makes a brief or occasional mention of his boot related business pursuits, that's permitted, even if it's a pay site or one that requires adult check.

  3. Not a general gay community bulletin board: Please limit your posts to subjects such as those we've mentioned, because these are topics of interest to all bootmen. This is not a general gay community bulletin board, and posts about other things such as politics and religion belong elsewhere.

  4. Posting photos (guidelines and limit): Boots On Line is intended to be a forum for discussion, not just a photo gallery. While we welcome the posting of photos, remember that the primary purpose of photos is to illustrate what you are discussing. To maintain this focus, please observe the following limitation:

    - Do not post more than four (4) photos in any 24-hour period. Along with your photo(s), please provide information about the boots being shown, such as manufacturer, style, size, shaft height, heel height, comfort, history and use. There can be no nudity or graphic sexual acts (including but not limited to masturbation) portrayed in the photos.

    - If it's not a public domain photo, or you did not personally take the photo, don't post it. If you are not sure if a photo you did not take is in the public domain, don't post it. If the photo is of another HotBoots or Facebook user, and you did not take it, or have the permission of the member to post the photo, don't post it.

    - Do not re-post photos posted by other users with fixes or changes without the permission of the user.

    Photos that do not adhere to the above guidelines are subject to removal.

  5. Offensive Items: Photos showing the swastika, Confederate flag and similar items that can be offensive to some viewers will not be allowed.

  6. Photos of youth: We do not permit posts showing photos of those under age 18, unless the photos and associated comments are in no way suggestive. Photos of youth are further limited to those of members of your immediate household, of public figures such as celebrities, or of yourself.

  7. Small photos of yourself: Note that the small photos you see in the upper left corner of some posts are inserted by the software. These are called "Hot Boots Portraits", and information on them is in the "Photos" and "Hot Boots Portraits" paragraphs on our Contributing Content to Hot Boots page.

  8. Golden Rule: Please observe the maxim, "If you can't say something good about someone, don't say anything at all." We don't have the time nor energy to investigate the truthfulness behind material of a libelous or slanderous tone. If called to our attention, we simply remove it. So please keep your hosts happy by not necessitating this.

  9. A few other rules: These are not permitted because others find them offensive:

    • Dominating the conversation.  Respect everyone's rights to participate and do not dominate or be overly zealous in your posting of messages or photos.  If you find that you're posting more than others, cut back on your submissions.
    • Pointing out what you perceive to be the political incorrectness of others when you know they don't want to hear about it.
    • Making negative comments about the deficient English skills, or choice of language to post in, of others. All are welcome here.
    • Complaining in any other way about another user's posting activity. Complaints will be heard; however they should be sent in an email to the Hot Boots crew (address below) and should not be posted to the board.
    • Discussion of moderation actions or policies. Such discussion often degenerates into an argumentative tone that is more counter-productive than productive and it detracts from the overall congenial social climate of the board.  If you wish to discuss moderation policies, please contact the Hot Boots crew (address below).

  10. Anonymous posting: This is okay; however using only one anonymous name is all that is required to be anonymous. (Do not use the name "Anonymous", or variations of it, as your name.) We consider using multiple anonymous names to be an act undertaken for a different and unpermitted reason - to defraud other users. Therefore, please use the same name each time you post. Posts found in violation will be removed.

  11. X-Rated material prohibited: We have chosen for this site to be open, giving our material and yours the widest possible exposure. This means we have to adhere to decency standards that satisfy multiple jurisdictions - Hot Boots is seen everywhere. We therefore use the federal standards which are applied to broadcasters - material must not portray sexual or excretory activities, excretions, or organs.

  12. Minors: Isolation is a major problem for gay youth, and we do not wish to contribute to that isolation by closing doors. We were all youthful bootmen at one time, and we all painfully remember the isolation of those years. Minors are therefore welcome here to seek information and support, but not to pursue any activity prohibited to someone their age. Adults know what appropriate behavior toward youth is, and will be expected to show it. We want this to be a welcome place for all bootmen. (Those unfamiliar with the jargon in this community should be aware that the term "boy", where it appears in messages, refers to an adult role-playing identity. It does not refer to activities by minors.)

  13. Editing by moderators: Although we generally do not edit messages, we may opt to make minor edits to salvage a message, rather than reject it, if the transgression is a minor part of the message and we feel it was an honest mistake.

  14. Archiving: All messages posted after mid-June, 2007, on "Boots On Line" will be archived once they are removed from the active message list. They are retained for an infinite period of time. You may search the archived messages by clicking on "Archive" in the selections at the top of the message list.

  15. Questions? Please write to the Hot Boots crew with any questions about these rules, or the activity of other users or the moderators. Do not post such to the board.
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